Bronte Investment Solutions Ltd is an independent advisory firm to Independent Financial Advisers, which offers a centralised investment proposition. Ebor Financial Planning Ltd was the first firm to take advantage of the Bronte centralised investment proposition.

Ebor employs the services of Bronte Investment Solutions to ensure its clients receive specialist unbiased advice in relation to their investments. The main advantage of this service is the availability of a wide range of investment outcomes. The service allows Ebor’s advisers to recommend the most suitable investment strategy for each client. Outcomes range from model portfolios, designed by professional fund managers, to passive investments, allowing advisers to implement holistic investment planning in line with Ebor’s service propositions.


The Bronte name has been adopted, as probably the most famous residents from Thornton were the Bronte sisters and the house these talented, unique writers were born in, remains on Market Street in Thornton, to this day.